Mead (Mõdu) is the king of all fermented drinks. The tradition of making it dates back to the beginning of civilisation. The legend goes that the infamous ambrosia so coveted by the rulers of Olympus was nothing more than mead. For Scandinavian people, the ancient mead contained the power of wisdom.

The immense popularity of mead continued through the Middle Ages, when there was an abundance of this drink in the Royal courts, palaces of noblemen and monasteries. At the same time when simple people treated themselves with cheaper wine and beer, mead became a festive drink that accompanied the signing of international treaties and important events in the family.

Mead was also produced at Saku in the 20s and 30s of the last century. To produce the new Mõdu, historic data was used and the brewers tried to select from all the different mead recipes the authentic Estonian mead whose most important component is honey.

Mead is made for setting the mood on national holidays a well as mellow summer evenings. It is a drink designed for celebrating. Saku Mõdu is a traditional fermented drink with a taste of honey and an alcohol content of 4.0%.

Feel the taste of history!

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